Episode 101A When SHEEP and BEAR open CAT’s box of “O’s,” one rolls away, sending them on a madcap chase to catch it before CAT wakes up.

The first time is when Cat writes down a sign on her chalkboard by using her pencil. It says: “CLOSED FOR A CATNAP 🐾 CAT”. Cat read it before going back to her junkyard to rake every letter before Kangaroo hops to Cat’s junkyard. Kangaroo asks the viewer what the thing is. Kangaroo just check if Cat would wake up. Kangaroo made a box only for Cat. Kangaroo has to leave Cat’s junkyard by hopping away in Word World. Bear and Sheep called Cat. Bear told her that Cat needed every letter from her junkyard. Bear reads the sign on the chalkboard hanged from the gate. Bear and Sheep notice a box. Bear shakes the box very, fast. Then, the letter O run away. It run all the way to Pig’s barn. Ant told Pig to do a TV series for Word World. It’s called: “Word World’s Cooking With Chef Pig”. “Bonjour, ladies and gentlmen, welcome to Cooking With Chef Pig!”, Pig said. Pig presses the red button. So, Pig can bow if the kids say yay while clapping their hands. Today, Pig told the audience to make donuts. Just then, Bear and Sheep arrived at Pig’s show. Today’s special guests are Bear and Sheep. They got the O away. Then, it goes to where Frog teaches Dog how to hula-hoop. The letter O goes onto Frog. Dog cries to Frog for making the letter O become a hoop. Dog came with Bear and Sheep. Then, it arrives at Duck’s dock. Duck swims with 3 hoops. The first hoop is too small, the second one is too big and the third is just right. But, the letter O goes to the sea. Bear took it. “Um, bye, Duck!”, Sheep said. But, the letter O is jumping to the train. Bear, Sheep and Dog catched it. The letter O jumped out of the train. Then, Bear got it. Cat is still busy raking every letter before Cat get out her junkyard. They fix the box back into Cat’s normal box. Then, Cat arrives from her junkyard and opened a box that has every letter O that run away when Dog catched it Build a Word: Box Music Video: Dancing Dog

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