Deathly Undefeatable Cortex Killer (DUCK)




Never Specified




Beyond the 8th Reality


Frog (BFF), Dog, Bear, Sheep, Pig, and other animal characters


Having fun, playing games, his home, acting silly and telling jokes, and more (After his character development: Justice, Skull crushing, telling jokes, and more)


Him doing something wrong even though he didn’t mean to, being upset about something, him not getting his way (After his character development: Dog, Emojis, Pewdiepie)


Tyler Bunch


At least 13,000

Duck is a male duck who is a male animal character in the WordWorld series.

Description[edit | edit source]

'I'm a fun loving duck that LOVES to dance and fu-.' — Duck

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Duck is a yellow male duck with an orange beak, and feet. His 'D' is his head, his 'U-C' is his torso, and his 'K' is his tail. He is similar to Chuck from The Angry Birds Movie, in the sense that he is yellow, AND a bird.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Duck has a very outgoing and childish personality, however in the Vietnam War Arc, he gains a sense of justice after the Emojis kidnap and slaughter his brethren. Ever since he has been haunted by the guilt of letting his loved ones die. Die to the hands of filthy yellow faces.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Like all male animal characters on the WordWorld series, Duck does have an actual name. You're just being lied to.
  • Duck has a southern accent, meaning Duck supports gun laws and does not believe too heavily in the existence of COVID-19.
  • Duck and Frog are gay lovers (At least in Duck's made up world).
  • Duck was the first male animal shown being formed on-screen, being put together by Dog. This has led to a strong bond between the two of them that will inevitably crumble after Dog sells Duck away for a new Xbox
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