Ant is an ant and one of the main antagonists of "Ant goes to War in Vietnam" where he slaughters thousands and betrays his best friend Pig. In which he has a lightsabre duel with Duck which ended in his demise, he is later revived in Season 2 thanks to the Dream Stone that Dante from the Devil May Cry series got from Kratos in the World of Skyrim. He then goes on to slay the Fuhrer and take over Germany before 1943. He has a major appearance change here with a tattered cape, bruised and scarred body and a lightsabre. As seen in Season 1 with his lightsabre duel with D.U.C.K. In Season 3 where Pig comes back, He sends all of now what is N-Antzi Germany onto him, the season ends with a cliff-hanger as Pig opposes the entirety of Germany. He works for a sophisticated league of sadistic dictators ruled by Lord B.Bush. Which is revealed later in the Movie "Ant goes to War in Vietnam: Piggin' Out."

He is also a tyrannical dictator who is cunning and ruthless, taking no heed to those around him and their health. As shown in the Episode: "Taking a Final Stand." Where he is confronted by his other friends before he slays Pig and the middle section of Season 1 fully begins.

You think you can keep me down, World? Then fight me like men. PEAS-ANTS! I am the great and omnipotent Ant and with my Supernova Spacestation, I shall strike you filthy worms off the face of the earth!

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